Students in the LGBTQ community often face hurdles in their education. We can help you overcome these hurdles. In a recent study, the majority (77%) of students who were out as transgendered or perceived as transgender while in school (K-12) experienced mistreatment. In addition, LGBTQ students are more likely to be subjected to school-based discipline than their non-LGBTQ peers and this rate increases among youth with disabilities. The affects of mistreatment in school can be devastating which leads to higher rates of:

  • Students dropping out
  • Significantly lower GPA’s
  • More likely to miss school due to safety concerns
  • Less likely to plan on continuing their education

There are protections for LGBTQ students in IDEA, Section 504, Title IX, FERPA and the 14th Amendment. I can help you utilize these protections, address school concerns and help your student.