Serious Discipline

When your student is facing a school suspension, we will aggressively guard their rights. Repeated suspensions are often an easy solution used by school officials to punish a child. We work with the school and you to resolve the situation positively. 

We will help you:

  • Understand the manifestation process
  • Advocate for positive alternatives, such as using behavior modification strategies or programs
  • Understand your safeguards and how to use them
  • Ensure your child receives alternative instruction during the period of suspension
  • Advocate for appropriate evaluations 
  • Understand your child’s rights
  • Advocate for appropriate behavior support services 
  • Provide assistance with mediation or due process

We do not recommend going to these proceedings alone. The consequences can be severe. Suspensions can be for months at a time. Students may even face expulsion depending on the severity of the situation. You need guidance to ensure your child’s rights are not violated.